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The Ivy League

America's MOST prestigious and highly selective universities are often grouped under the term 'Ivy League'

3 things to know before you apply to an Ivy League school

  1. The admission process for these elite schools is highly competitive; you’ll need to achieve standards that are much higher than the ones at any average public university. For instance, the admission rates in 2019 were under 20%.

  2. Remember to check the admission requirements carefully,  including test scores (SAT, GRELSATGPA), recommendations, extra-curricular activities, and other academic achievements. They matter!

  3. You should keep in mind, though, that there are thousands of higher education institutions in the U.S., and several of them score high in university rankings while having lower tuition costs. This is why, when searching for universities, you should really seek the perfect fit that suits your personal needs.

Which American schools are Ivy League Universities?

Ivy League universities in the U.S. began as a group association of eight highly competitive athletic colleges, namely:

Why Should I Care about the Ivy League Universities?

If you dream of running a major corporation, work in international organizations, or gaining a strong advantage in research and innovation, the Ivy League is probably the best option.

We are ready to help!

Neweins International Study Center Provides necessary courses, internship programs as well as college counseling to Nepalese students who dream of joining the Ivy League.



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